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How do you advertise when facing adversity?

Is the answer really THAT simple?. . Yes. . When times get tough, it's natural to want to appear like you have everything together. . But let’s face it - not everyone has their shit together and THAT'S OKAY. . We're all human :) . That's how we connect and build trust. . Your audience wants to make sure you care about what they care about. . People find comfort in knowing that others are experiencing or have experienced similar things. They find comfort in not feeling alone. . So show the world what you're up to. . What adversities are you facing? How are you tackling it? . Whenever I craft a story together, these are some interview questions I always include. . DM me if you have any questions about the kind of story you should share #ad #advertisementadvice #marketing #marketingtips #marketingadvice #columbusvideography #columbusvideographer #columbusentrepreneur #columbusvideo #lgbtqowned #qpocbusiness #videomarketing #videomarketingtips #videomarketingstrategy #beafuckinghuman #humanconnectioniskey #businessishuman

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